Middle-Class Workers Looking for New Jobs, First Command Reports

2011年08月08日 86961次浏览
据First Command报道,24%美国中产阶级劳动者对于目前的工作状况相当不满意,39%的人正在寻找新的工作,这种现象与美国经济的衰退有很大关系。经济的衰退导致中产阶级工作环境越来越恶化,无偿加班,奖金减少,工资的缩减使得这些人群对于现在的工作极度不满,纷纷寻找新工作。
FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A growing number of middle-class Americans are unhappy in their work and looking to make a change, according to the First Command Financial Behaviors Index®.
Recent findings of the monthly survey reveal that 24 percent


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